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Sveifasett Altus 40/30/22T 170mm
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  • Sveifasett Altus 40/30/22T 170mm

Sveifasett Altus 40/30/22T 170mm


11.990 kr.


All day trail shifting and performance. The Altus MT210 Crankset shifts between the chainrings smoothly and reliably, offering durable drivechain performance for all recreational MTB riders. With a 2-piece construction compatible with outboard 24mm bottom brackets, the SHIMANO FC-MT210-3 is designed for 3×9 speed MTB drivetrains. It features SG-X chainrings and precise, reliable shifting.

  • Smooth and precise shifting performance for trail focused riders
  • Narrow Q-factor provides comfortable MTB riding
  • Cascading higher series MTB image
  • Anodized crank

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