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Stýri TT Aero


15.490 kr.


If you are after aerodynamic gains yet prioritise comfort, the XLC Tri-Bar Adapter HB-T05 could be the tri-bars for you. A clip-on style tri-bar with a J-Bend, these are comfortable bars that allow riders to adopt a more neutral wrist position than some other tri-bar shapes. The XLC Tri-Bar Adapter HB-T05 is compatible with XLC’s Tri-Bar Bridge HB-X03 which provides further comfort from road buzz so you can complete your ultimate handlebar setup. The HB-T05s are ISO/EN-Road Certified. XLC have used aluminium 6061-T6 for the construction of the Tri-Bar Adapter HB-T05. This increases strength in the component without adding excess weight. The HB-T05 bars weigh 475 grams.

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