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Kassetta 11g 11-50T LG600
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  • Kassetta 11g 11-50T LG600

Kassetta 11g 11-50T LG600


32.990 kr.


Smooth shifting in both directions and almost resistance-free gear changes without jerking are the prime disciplines of the Shimano CS-LG600 11-speed cassette. The LinkGlide technology not only helps the CS-LG600-11 to deliver smooth and reliable shifting performance, but also contributes to a 300% increased wear resistance. This means a longer service life and three times the durability compared to the HyperGlide+ system with the high chain tension typical for E-Bikes at the same time.

LinkGlide enables smoother, smoother pedalling and gear changes that are barely noticeable. The drivetrain is exceptionally durable, withstands daily wear and tear and provides long-lasting good shifting and pedalling performance, especially for multi-purpose bikes and high-torque E-Bikes.

The optimised design of the LinkGlide shift aids provides a smoother transition between sprockets to avoid jumps that can affect shifting and a rounded pedal. The redesigned LinkGlide sprockets themselves feature a much stronger base and a unique chamfer that dramatically improves wear resistance in high torque applications.

  • Gear ratio: 11-13-15-17-20-23-26-30-36-43-50

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