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Dekk 700 R4 Tubular
Dekk 700 R4 Tubular
Dekk 700 R4 Tubular
Dekk 700 R4 Tubular
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  • Dekk 700 R4 Tubular

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Dekk 700 R4 Tubular


18.990 kr.


A super supple, hand-built, 320TPI tubular tire that excels in road and crit racing. The pavement is calling. The R4 tubular’s race performance gives unparalleled road feel yet is extremely durable for a racing tubular, thanks to Hard-Case Lite protection. The Hard-Case Lite sub tread material protects against punctures in the peloton and up the hardest and sketchiest road climbs.

  • Excellent for road and criterium racing
  • Supple polyamide synthetic fiber reinforcement for added casing strength
  • Hard-Case Lite protects against punctures with superior, lightweight, sub-tread material
  • 38mm valve length with valve extenders available separately

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