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Baked Milk Knitted Gift Set
Baked Milk Knitted Gift Set
Baked Milk Knitted Gift Set
Baked Milk Knitted Gift Set
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  • Baked Milk Knitted Gift Set

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Baked Milk Knitted Gift Set

Loom Knits

15.300 kr.

18.000 kr.


Looking for the perfect hospital discharge outfit or baptism gift for baby? Well look no further! This high quality set makes the perfect gift for the precious little one. All knitted items are made of 100% hypoallergenic cotton which has the OEKO-tex 100 certificate. This material does not contain harmful dyes or chemicals and makes the product safe for your baby.

Thanks to the quality of these products, such a set can be passed from generation to generation. 

Set features:
-Knitted suit
-Knitted swaddle 100x100cm
-Knitted hat 
-Wale pattern knit baby shoes 

How to care for knitwear?

• Before washing items, read the instructions for care and washing on a label.
• Divide your items into groups with similar washing instructions and arrange them by color: white, dark, and colored.
• Washing temperature indicated on a label is the highest that is acceptable for washing. But if you are not sure, it is better to choose a lower temperature than a higher one.
• Turn clothes inside out before washing.
• Remember, if a product has decorative elements made of suede, leather, or fur, it is better not to experiment but dry clean it.

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