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Ampoules set "With Love"
Ampoules set "With Love"
Ampoules set "With Love"
Ampoules set "With Love"
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Ampoules set "With Love"


9.564 kr.

15.940 kr.



The new BABOR Advent Calendar is a wonderful source of youth, surprisingly unique texture of concentrates, stunning skin softness, and maximum results! With each concentrate, the firmness of the skin is restored, small wrinkles are noticeably reduced, and the skin becomes smooth and radiant. This year, the exclusive collection of ampoules has been supplemented with Grand Cru concentrates, enriched with valuable rose extracts, which will not only envelop luxury but also maximize skin cell regeneration, moisturize, strengthen protective functions and restore skin vitality and youthful radiance! Give yourself a portion of joy every day when you open our glamorous Advent calendar and experience exclusive beauty power waiting for you behind 24 doors. With radiant skin and an incomparable skin feeling, nothing more stands in the way of the most beautiful days of the year.

How about a pre-Christmas gift for a loved one? This luxurious Advent calendar is the perfect surprise.

The concentrate set consists of:

2x Hydra Plus Active Fluid is a double-acting moisturizing complex with valuable moisture factors. Provides the skin with the necessary moisture and "closes" it in the skin, thus regulating and stabilizing the moisture balance.

2x Algae Vitalizer Fluid is a concentrate made from algal plankton. This product, rich in trace elements and lipids, cleanses the skin and improves circulation. Valuable seaweed extract provides moisture for a long time, revitalizes all skin types, it becomes softer and more elastic.

2x Stress Control Fluid is an intensively soothing and anti-premature aging concentrate. intensively soothing and skin sensitizing active concentrate that protects against premature skin aging caused by stress.

2x Beauty Rescue Fluid - Triple Action Regenerating Concentrate for Facial Skin. An exceptional skin-care ampoule concentrate that restores skin condition damaged by external aggressors and strengthens three vital skin functions: the hydrolipid barrier, the immune system, and the skin’s ability to retain moisture.

3x Active Night Fluid - nourishes your skin at night. The exclusive active ingredients in the ampoule - extracts from black algae, black willow bark, and black truffle - promote skin regeneration during the deep sleep phase. The concentrate increases the energy level of cells, effectively fights the negative effects of the environment, and neutralizes free radicals that cause skin aging.

3x 3D Firming Fluid is an intensive firming, rejuvenating, and wrinkle smoothing concentrate for tired, toned, wrinkled skin. The concentrate effectively and quickly rejuvenates the skin on three levels: glaucine - models facial contours, tightens the skin, elderberry and tropical almond extract with tannic acid - tightens tissues, improves elasticity, organic silicon - strengthens connective tissue, brightens and smoothes the skin.

3x Lift Express Fluid is a firming anti-wrinkle concentrate for skin rejuvenation with a sudden tightening effect. Lines and wrinkles are reduced immediately. Strongly tightens the fabric - after an hour, the visibility of wrinkles around the eyes decreases to 74%. The skin looks youthfully smooth, feels firm.

2x Grand Cru The Rose Fluid concentrate optically reduces the depth of wrinkles and lines. Luxurious damask rose extract prolongs the activity of skin cells, stimulates the synthesis of collagen and proteoglycans. The Epocyl complex instantly gives the skin an indescribable smoothness. Hyaluronic acid, together with panthenol, intensively provides moisture to the skin and prevents its loss. Facial skin becomes firmer, smoother, acquires a youthful glow.

3x Grand Cru The White Fluid concentrate instantly gives a smoother, youthfully radiant look. Exclusive white flower rose extract promotes natural skin detoxification processes, improves cell metabolism, and has a whitening effect. St. John's wort extract improves skin color and texture, strengthens connective tissue and capillary walls. Hyaluronic acid, together with panthenol, intensively provides moisture to the skin and prevents its loss. Facial skin becomes healthier, smoother, more vibrant, and brighter.

2x Grand Cru The Black Fluid concentrate enriched with strong antioxidants protects the skin from environmental premature skin aging. The special extract of black tea hybrid rose has a strong antioxidant effect, acts as a veil against free radicals. The complex of ferulic acid and rosemary extract protects the DNA of skin cells and stem cells naturally present in the skin from damage even in sunlight. Hyaluronic acid, together with panthenol and an effective cactus extract, intensively provides moisture to the skin and prevents its loss. Facial skin acquires vitality, it becomes more resistant, smoother, and protected from the harmful factors of the environment.


After cleansing with BABOR CLEANSING products. Shake the ampoule and cover the ampoule neck with a tissue or the enclosed ampoule opener. Hold the ampoule by the ampoule neck or opener and break it open with a sudden jerking movement on the lower, colored ring. Pour concentrate into the palm of your hand and work into face, neck, and décolleté. Gently pat into the skin. Then apply skincare cream. For all types of skin.

Note: Only use the ampoules externally!

Please open the ampoule as described in the instructions above or in the pictogram on the inside of the folding box. If the ampoule is not opened correctly so that pieces of the glass are broken and get into the product, the product should not be used and thrown away. The use of a product containing glass particles may cause injury.


We deliver through Posturinn, and also lock pick-up is available.

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