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Sleeping Bag Interlock
Sleeping Bag Interlock
Sleeping Bag Interlock
Sleeping Bag Interlock
Sleeping Bag Interlock
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Sleeping Bag Interlock


9.990 kr.


The sleeveless LÄSSIG Sleeping Bag with full-length zipper makes nighttime diapering easier as well as offering plenty of legroom for baby’s who like to kick. It is suitable for summer and winter use. This year-round sleeping bag made from cotton (organic) is padded with a recycled polyester filling which maintains an even and comfortable body temperature throughout the night.

For ease of dressing and undressing, this cozy sleeping bag is equipped with a long, full-length zipper, which also makes it easier to change the little one’s diapers, because the bag does not have to be completely removed in the process. The chin guard and safety cover on the zipper protect children’s sensitive skin when the zip is up and your child is wriggling around inside.

The baby sleeping bag has a TOG rating of 2.5, is washable at 30°C on a gentle cycle and is available in several colors and sizes.

Good to know:
Different sleeping bags and nightwear are recommended for different room temperatures. This factor combined with the TOG rating helps parents select the right model. TOG stands for “Thermal Overall Grade”, which is a unit of measurement used to calculate the thermal resistance of textiles and indicates how warm a garment will keep your baby. The higher the TOG rating, the warmer the sleeping bag.


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