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Skiptitaska Green Label - Cotton
Skiptitaska Green Label - Cotton
Skiptitaska Green Label - Cotton


Skiptitaska Green Label - Cotton
Skiptitaska Green Label - Cotton
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Skiptitaska Green Label - Cotton


14.990 kr.


Made of organic cotton! The water-repellent Cotton Essential Bag diaper bag from the LÄSSIG Green Label collection impresses by virtue of its high-quality organic cotton finish and sleek design. Underneath its beautiful and environmentally friendly exterior is a surprisingly generous amount of storage space and a ready-to-use set of changing accessories. This makes the Cotton Essential Bag a stylish companion for the period when baby is in diapers and beyond.

The unassuming diaper bag is made of cotton from organic cultivation. The origin of the materials used makes the Cotton Essential Bag environmentally friendly. Moreover, the robust and water-repellent coating defies all weathers. The bag is machine washable at 30°C on a gentle cycle and, even after prolonged use, it continues to provide sterling service to the family.

In addition to its pleasant texture and fashionable colors, the Cotton Essential Bag has some extra details that young parents will appreciate, namely the bold Fairness and Kindness logos – statements that reflect LÄSSIG’s own priorities. As a manufacturer, LÄSSIG is not only concerned about functionality and design, but also attaches particular importance to fair trade and the responsible use of the planet’s resources.

The Cotton Essential Bag opens wide to reveal a bright-colored lining and an ingenious arrangement of compartments. Parents have a good overview of clothing, diapers, jars and other changing utensils that have been stored in an organized manner in the large main compartment. Meanwhile, water bottles and the like can be handily stowed in the outside pockets. Equipped with a water-repellent changing mat, a stroller attachment and a separate shoulder strap, parents have everything they need when out and about.


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