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Schoolbag Set Flexy
Schoolbag Set Flexy
Schoolbag Set Flexy


Schoolbag Set Flexy
Schoolbag Set Flexy
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Schoolbag Set Flexy


39.990 kr.


Just as unique as you are! LÄSSIG’s School Set Unique becomes a very special companion with its pendants, patches and stickers. There are loops on schoolbags, gym bags and the like, where not only patches can be attached, but also hand- made ornaments and other cute accessories – you can add new ones all the time!

The Unique satchel proudly bears the seal of approval “Ergonomic Product” from the German Institute for Health & Ergonomics (IGR e.V). This ensures that the satchel can be optimally adapted to its young owner:

  • Can be adapted to a child as it grows
  • height-adjustable back section and shoulder straps
  • back-friendly weight distribution thanks to the hip belt
  • very comfortable to carry with breathable padding
  • lightweight with only1080g means care-free carrying

For your child’s safety on the way to school, the School Set Unique is well equipped with reflectors, making it easily visible even in the dark.

The Unique School Satchel comes with a lot of space and a well designed storage space:

  • 19 liters of storage space including a section for books
  • easy click closure
  • wet compartment for drinking bottle, umbrella and the like
  • side pocket including key finder
  • insulated front pocket
  • Loop for jacket on the front

Its dirt and water-repellent material makes it a reliable companion even on bigger adventures. Sustainability is not neglected here either: The Unique collection relies on recycled polyester. So the production of a school satchel set gives a new meaning to up to 33 used plastic bottles. This School Set Unique bears the label “PET Approved Vegan” since animal components were completely eliminated in the manufacturing process.

For the perfect school start, the LÄSSIG Unique collection offers, in addition to the School Satchel Set, a large selection of separately available pendants, patches and textile stickers as well as two spacious pencil cases.

School satchel – ensures a no-hassle school day:

  • Gym bag – can be easily attached to the school satchel
  • Pencil case – equipped with Eberhard Faber pencils and accessories
  • Soft pencil case – turns into a practical pencil/pen holder
  • Chest pouch – with key finder, transparent window and zipped compartment
  • Rain cover – in neon with reflective print
  • Set with a pendant and 2 patches – gives creativity free rein


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