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Activity Soft Toy Book
Activity Soft Toy Book
Activity Soft Toy Book
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Activity Soft Toy Book


3.490 kr.


Play and Explore! The adorable activity touch and feel book from LÄSSIG’s Tiny Farmer collection takes young nature lovers on an exciting discovery tour in the country. The various structures, colors and shapes train the first attempts at grasping and promote creativity and fine motor skills.

The fabric activity book has many embroidered details and its outer material is made of organic cotton. The fluffy goose, the small hidden mirror and two rustling pages, stimulate and promote baby’s sense of touch, sight and observation, in a playful way.

The fabric book can be completely unfolded for play and exploration and easily closed again and with the ribbon and Velcro fastener.

The fabric book is an ideal gift and suitable from 3 months on. LÄSSIG rounds off its Activity program with many other matching products from the Tiny Farmer Play and Explore series.


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