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Women's white gold ring
Women's white gold ring
Women's white gold ring


Women's white gold ring
Women's white gold ring
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Women's white gold ring

AURUM by Guðbjörg

62.300 kr.



The ring collection - Storytelling

The Tuttu Collection evokes the shape and texture of Greenlandic reindeer hooves. Handcrafted from sustainably sourced recycled silver, the jewellery is soft and slightly ruffled, yet also pointed and sharp. Each Tuttu piece is unique and the lines in the silver are rounded but definite. On the textured surfaces you can detect a soft line that tells us a story about the reindeer’s adventures.


Sustainably made

In keeping with AURUM's sustainability principles, we choose to work only with Lab-Grown Diamonds and Recycled Gold.

Lab-grown diamonds have the same physical, chemical and optical properties as mined diamonds. They offer excellent value. Moreover, they are an environmentally friendlier choice given that no mining is required. 

We use recycled gold in all of our rings.


Customizable by you

You can order all rings in 18-karat solid gold. Just let us know which design you'd like and we'll send you the price.

You can also order different sizes of lab-grown diamonds for your diamond rings. You can add diamonds to any of the solid gold rings as well.

E-mail us for all special requests at: info@aurum.is


Important note about order timing

If the ring you order is not in stock it can take up to 3 weeks for us to create it and ship to you. 


5 - YEAR WARRANTY & Lifetime Repair Service

Free Delivery

Free Gift Wrapping


Material: 14K white gold.  

W =  4.8 mm.   
Thickness = 1.0 mm. 
Sizes: 46-58
Code: TUTTU 453W


Um Aurum

Fyrirtækið Aurum var stofnað árið 1999 af skartgripahönnuðinum Guðbjörgu Kr. Ingvarsdóttur. Aurum sérhæfir sig í einstökum skartgripum sem fá sinn helsta innblástur úr íslenskri náttúru. Fyrirtækið leggur mikinn metnað í gæði skartgripanna og þjónustu viðskiptavina.