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AURUM by Guðbjörg

19.500 kr.


The Design

Guðbjörg, the designer and co-founder of Aurum has an innate affinity with Icelandic nature and she uses this to inspire and influence her jewellery, creating the most delicate designs each with their own meaning. Bridal jewellery is often chosen because of a special relationship it holds to the bride, and for any bride who shares a close connection with nature like Guðbjörg, Aurum’s range is the perfect way to express this passion on her wedding day. 



Raven is majestic, with feathers that are soft as silk but which still exert a magnetic pull. He evokes curiosity and attracts attention, but is also finicky and slightly mysterious. Raven stands guard around himself and those around him. Despite the beautiful and slightly delicate form of the feathers, his claws are curved and powerful, reflecting the strength that Raven possesses.


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Material: 925 sterling silver.
W = 16mm 
Thickness = 16mm
Sizes: One size.
Code: ERIKA 770 GP


Um Aurum

Fyrirtækið Aurum var stofnað árið 1999 af skartgripahönnuðinum Guðbjörgu Kr. Ingvarsdóttur. Aurum sérhæfir sig í einstökum skartgripum sem fá sinn helsta innblástur úr íslenskri náttúru. Fyrirtækið leggur mikinn metnað í gæði skartgripanna og þjónustu viðskiptavina.